1: window of possibility opened and entered 2: the space, similar to a crack in the pavement, of a metastatic exchange between two or more parties 3: an opening with indeterminate origins. Related words: fresta - Portuguese, a chink or narrow opening. brecha - Portuguese, a breach, gap, break, or hole.

Frechas Residency Program

The Frecha Program fosters itinerancy of the Laboratory. As the laboratory seeks to foster w(o)nder and collaborations between Investigators and other important is the Frecha Program wherein Frechantes (individuals and institutions) take advantage of frechas by receiving an Investigator in residence for a defined period of time. It has been pivotal in allowing the activities of the Laboratory to be Itinerant, encouraging investigations in places such as London; Brazil; New Mexico; Wendover, Utah; Los Angeles; and Marfa, Texas.

Application Process

Participation in the Frechas Program is based on a nomination process. However, it is possible to request the possibility for nomination. Please contact the Principal Investigator with an informal enquiry.

Selection of Frechantes