1: catalyze abrisamento 2: perform technical poetics 3: who plot together to bring about a positive and effective change 4: identify new meanings, new poetries that exist in the interstice and discovers their names 5: engage in regular exchange with other members of Laboratory 6: engage in specific projects propelled by questions that exist at the intersections of intellectual boundaries 7: disseminate or facilitate dissemination inquiries in one of the Laboratory venues working closely with the Principal Investigator.

Investigator Program

The ILPI seeks seek rigorous thinkers and makers who take intellectual risks and whose ideas have a tendency to leak across traditional disciplinary boundaries. An initial approach can be made by contacting the Principal Investigator. If the proposed investigation demonstrates potential to both achieve the aims of the ILPI and to benefit the potential Investigator, a formal proposal will be requested. The applications are reviewed by the Principal Investigator and the Board of Trustees on a revolving basis.