Names, Collage Texts, Echoes, Poems, Technical Poetics, Conundra, Aphorisms, Derivations, Entries, Text Maps, Narratives, Translations, Expansions, Field Guides, Vertices, Declarations, Handbooks, Directives, Performances, Equations, Concrete Text Works, Reports, Aphorisms, Occasions, and other printed or digital works of the Investigators that have the possibility of slipping the trap.


Objective of the Press is to publish works of the Investigators as well as innovative works by others outside of the Investigator Program. As a small press, our publications are generally low print runs with the focus being on the highest quality form and content possible. On each publication, we work with various people, media, organizations, and printing houses. In addition to analog print media, we also publish works in digital formats.


We operate on a project by project basis. If you are not an Investigator and would like to discuss the possibility of publication through the ILPI Press, please contact the Editor in Chief.