Established in 2005 by Katherine E. Bash, the Itinerant Laboratory for Perceptual Inquiry (ILPI) fosters aesthetic practice through the empirical inquiry of language, memory, phenomena and perception; their limits, intersections and gaps between. This organization that encourages experimental field research, collaborations and dialogues that generate, actively test, and disseminate critical insights, provoking shifts in perception and perspective. The ILPI is committed to new meanings and new Poetries.

The activities of the ILPI are centered on two programs: the Investigator Program and the Dissemination Program. The Investigator Program aims at fostering collaborations between thinkers and makers whose ideas have a tendency to leak across traditional disciplinary boundaries, and at encouraging inquiry as a process of creating new methods and meanings. The Dissemination Program creates and sponsors opportunities for members of the ILPI to disseminate their findings. As part of the Dissemination Program, the ILPI press publishes works of the Investigators as well as innovative works by non-members.

An itinerant organization, the ILPI has no institutional location but follows the Principal Investigator (Katherine E. Bash) and the other members in their investigations. The itinerancy of the Laboratory is reinforced by the Frecha Program, wherein Frechantes (individuals and institutions) take advantage of frechas (windows of opportunity) by receiving an Investigator in residence for a defined period of time. The mission and programs of the ILPI are defined and overseen by a Board of Trustees in consultation with a group of auxiliaries, who provides expertise on specific issues.

Written account by Catherine Dossin, the Historiographer of the ILPI.